100 Ways by Emir Metovic (Author Signed Paperback)

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Amid all the distractions and worries of life, love is always worth chasing. If the spark of your love has dimmed, the poetry in 100 Ways can help to reignite it.

This collection of short poems—most of them written in rhyme—illustrates a hundred ways to love someone. Written by Emir Metovic, a Bay Area resident originally from Montenegro, the book is a celebration of the positive side of romance.

Love and poetry have similar powers to move a person, and when combined, they can allow you to rediscover passion. Love, both tender and fierce, can manifest itself as a sense of longing for someone who is not there, or it can be a lightning bolt that illuminates the path forward. As Metovic vividly shows in these heartfelt poems, just a single moment, a sudden glimpse, or a hint of perfume can be a treasure.

Connect with your feelings and your love by exploring the meaning of passion once more. These profound poems provide the words to express love, humanity’s most powerful emotion. Each holds an individual message, revealing love’s true power over us all.